Critical Testing For Drugs

Those who are known to be partial to the odd spiff or two may very well loathe these procedures. But while they may consider themselves to be responsible (natural?) drug users, they have to appreciate that today’s on-site drug testing facilities are critically necessary. Why are such testing sites necessary? And why do liberal-minded folks, those with one too many subjective views on life, loathe them so?

The biggest bugbear has always been at the job portal. In many cases, state and federal agencies have sanctioned or supported businesses that insist on carrying out mandatory on-site drug testing. If the drug tests are not done on-site, prospective job seekers are required to visit the assigned clinic. So, those who utilize marijuana sparingly and (even) responsibly over weekends, are often penalized.

on-site drug testing

But the system cannot be blamed and it is fair. Because face the facts, drug users in general have not been up to the task, or worse. But as far as critical and necessary and compulsory drug testing goes, do consider these next few lines. In the interest of fairness on behalf of all players and athletes, professional sportsmen and women are required to make themselves available for random drug tests.

They are tested for banned substances deemed to enhance their performance abilities to the unfair disadvantage of their rivals on the playing fields or racing tracks. Critical drug testing is necessary on the scene of accidents. Drivers who survive the ordeal need to be tested. This helps to determine their level of culpability. There may also be accident victims who are required to receive legal drug treatments, particularly when their lives are under threat or made more vulnerable.

Irrational behavior in the extreme needs to be checked. One way of doing so is to test if illicit or even prescribed drugs are the cause.