The Truth About Botox

A lot of myths about Botox are out there. Chances are good that you’ve heard a few of the myths yourself. It’s pretty hard to avoid hearing them, especially if you want to proceed forward with botox winter park fl. Luckily, everything that you hear is not true. Now it is time to decipher the truth from the myths and we’re here to help. Take a look at some of the common Botox myths and the truth below and make that call when you’re ready to regain your youthful appearance.

Botox Makes Wrinkles Worse

If you stop getting Botox injections, will it cause your wrinkles to worsen? What a nasty fear that is! A lot of people believe it to be true but it’s a myth, rest assured. Botox is designed to improve the way that you look and it prevents wrinkles from getting worse not just the opposite.

Anyone can use Botox

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 Botox is a relatively safe procedure that is approved for almost everyone. However, it is not right for everyone and your consultation with the dermatologist ahead of time will help you learn if it is right for your needs.  Although you might not realize it, Botox may not be right for people who have not gotten fully formed lines or wrinkles, and for the older population.

Botox is Painful

Most people who visit the doctor for Botox injections report that the procedure does not cause them any pain. There are always going to be a few discomforts with this type of procedure, particularly in the injection area. You can also expect a little redness and bruising. But, overall, people who have used Botox do not report that it is painful. If you are concerned that it is going to be painful, leave this worry behind.